NES provides simulations, engineering, calculations, recalculations, optimizations, designs and concepts in the fields of process engineering and steam generation technology.

Thermal Process Engineering

Distillation, Evaporation, Adsorption,
Ion Exchangers, Absorption

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Industrial Steam Boilers

Waste Heat Boilers, Biomass, Black Liquor Boilers, Natural Circulation Systems, Brown Liquor Boilers,
Natural Gas

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Energy Process Engineering

Heat Exchanger Systems, Steam Turbines, Cooling Water,
Heat Pumps, Steam and Condensate Systems

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Process Safety Engineering

Safety Valves, HAZOPs, Flare Calculations, Process Safety Concepts

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Well-thought-out engineering and sensible plant concepts are the key to success in process engineering. By using synergies, energy efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility can be achieved in a cost-optimized manner.
By using modern calculation tools, possible energy bottlenecks and environmental pollution can be identified and prevented before the system is built. Further advantages of system analyses include the presentation of process sustainability and coordination of the overall concept.

We carry out mass and energy balances for all areas of process and energy technology. Based on which flow diagrams and specifications can be created.
We also offer complete packages for process engineering and design for special devices, components and subsystems.